The Silver Springs Airport facility already handles air traffic for many types of aircraft. We serve conventional prop, corporate jets, helicopters, gliders, ultra-lights, and more.

We offer flight training and instruction with Dr. James G. Duvall III (The Flying Professor).

We serve the needs of the Nevada Civil Air Patrol, provide helicopter flight training facilities for NAS Fallon, and are a base facility for the Cactus Airforce (an antique aircraft group).

Silver Springs Airport has a dedicated Facilities Manager, Sky Sarosi, who helps pilots with airport amenities, hangers, tie downs, AV fuel, facilities help, parts, and other airport needs. Sky Sarosi can assist visiting pilots with almost anything regarding the airport facilities.


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Sky Sarosi - (Airport Facilities Manager/ Master Mechanic) shown with son Adam, and dog Tippy

James G. Duvall III – The Flying Professor

SS Airport AV Fuel station

Nevada Civil Air Patrol

NAS Fallon Helicopter Training